Comprehensive financial planning is like have a satellite navigation, nautical charts, and a navigator to interpret them, while out to sea.

What it is not, is a checklist of things to do. My holistic approach is a discovery of who you are and who or where you want to be. We will identify priorities and aspirations, for which we will design actionable items to achieve each. Moreso, we will identify obstacles to avoid, and set policies to guide us for future opportunities and contingencies that arise, so you can always pursue your best course.

Once we set the course with you and you’re underway, you are not alone, I am there to help you along the voyage. I can help you implement your plan, stay true to course, or even course correct as your situation and values change and evolve overtime. You’ll have continuous access to me for questions, share your celebrations, dramatic changes and challenges, or just need a sounding board. I go on the adventure with you.

Planning with me is a four step process that follows the tenets of appreciative financial planning:


This consists of the introductory meeting and discovery meetings. I aim to learn the client’s strengths, successes, personal and professional values. My clients get to articulate what they expect from the relationship and what they’d like to achieve. This gives us the opportunity to feel each other out to determine if we’re a good fit, and to motivate us to plan for true wealth.


Here we’re establishing the vision each client has for their businesses, families, and futures. Together, we identify goals and objectives to build out strategies to take action on.


Taking everything I’ve learned from the prior meetings, I’ll layout different strategies and options with their anticipated impacts and outcomes. I’ll establish action items and get client feedback for what they can best commit to. Finally, I’ll discuss best ways to implement the plan and identify timelines and metrics for success.


As I deliver the plan of action and our chosen strategies, we’ll periodically review the progress. This allows the client and I to identify what’s working best so we can emulate and reinforce those techniques. We take this time to make course corrections to stay aligned with our ever-changing lives, needs, and priorities.

Here are some ideas for topics to discuss

more than just 529s, how do I strategically find the right school for my student, what’s the most successful way to approach the college enrollment experience, how do I pay for it or better yet not have to pay for ALL of it?

provide consulting to small business owners, to people that want to start a business, and key professionals.

that doesn’t have to be a date you never work again; retirement can look however you want, how do you get there?

how can we relieve the anxiety, get from under the rock, modify our cash flow to live life freely

Is this portfolio going to accomplish what I want it to?

TAX PLANNING + PREPARATION avoiding pitfalls, finding efficiency to lower our burden and stay compliant.

something important in your life other than retirement you’d like to make a reality; new home, vacation, adoption, charity, financial independence/retire early (FIRE)

special needs planning or elder care

what obstacles can set you back, do you need an insurance audit or to know how to protect your family, income, property or business?

Make your intentions happen even if you aren’t there.

Make your intentions happen even if you aren’t there.


Some say financial planning is for people that already have money, or I’ll get to that once I get some other things figured out… I’m not cool with that, it’s dumb… so there.

Everyone has a different life, a different perspective, and different voyage they’re on. We ALL deserve great financial advice and access to planning, even if you’re at the very beginning of your journey.

I  have no minimum asset requirement.

My planning fee is derived from your income; 1% of your gross income and 0.5% of your net worth annually, which can be billed annually, quarterly, or monthly with very flexible payment methods.
(I think I pay almost everything monthly, how about you?)

Ready to set sail to a bright future?