What should your savings do for you?
Let me take the guesswork and emotion out of the equation.

Why do we invest? We invest in hope that we will be rewarded for the risk we take, which in turn, will accelerate our saving ability or earn us additional income.

When we think about the “market” and investing we feel exhilaration (and trepidation sometimes) by the prospect that something bought may exponentially grow in value. It is a simple truth that investing will likely help you outpace inflation and sooner achieve your goals… if you have a strategy to control yourself that is.

I DO NOT time the market. I make strategic short-term adjustments, but I invest for specific time horizons, and do not time. Warren Buffett, the stock picking “Oracle of Omaha,” even believed market timing was a waste of time.

The market is efficient and is priced for all the information that’s out there. I believe in letting the market work for us. We will achieve success through global diversification, controlling taxes, costs, and risk, and adhering to a thoughtful, personal strategy.

How it works


Articulate our values and objectives to answer the “why” and “what are we trying to achieve” questions. We establish our time horizon and capacity, appetite, and attitude towards risks.


Develop an asset strategy to empower you to achieve your stated goals. Build a policy with guidelines and controls to keep the portfolio on track and manage investor emotions (the greatest threat to portfolio success) during both ups and downs.


Implement the policy, generally adhering to characteristics of maintaining low costs, tax efficiency, and global diversification. Establish a schedule to rebalance the portfolio to within design confines.


Monitor and review periodically, taking note of the evolution of our objectives and priorities. To adjust our strategy as needed and communicate progress.


0.75% of assets under management, billed annually in arrears.

Let me work with you to build and manage a portfolio that’s right for you.